Eat Pit

Sometimes you just get fed up (no pun intended) with scraping dirty dishes, and giving them a good, hot wash and this is even before you load them in the dishwasher.  And, then, there are times, you have to unload the dishwasher, too.

It all gets to be such a drag, you want to throw your hands up.

First of all, there’s dinner to be made.  Decisions, decisions.  We just had baked chicken the other night and the only thing left is that frozen hamburger meat which will take about an hour to thaw and your energy is going fast.  Even when it thaws, what are you going to do with it?  Tacos? Yucki! Hamburgers? No. Meat loaf? No.

Olive Garden? Yes

So, we all get dressed and head out to one of our favorite restaurants.

Once seated, it feels so good to read from the menu and tell the server I would like a nice cold glass of iced tea, filled to the brim with ice.  (We don’t have that kind of ice at home). 

She sees, with a smile, that everything is okay then flits back to somewhere to fetch bread and butter.  I am so hungry, I eat half of that at a fast pace, then, I’m ready to go home. 

But, here come the salads.  I manage to put away my share which I might add, was delicious, then the shrimp pasta.  There is so much we put leftovers in a doggy box to take home and refrigerate for tomorrow.  But, somehow, it stays for a few days, then is tossed.

Oh, the chocolate gelato is scrumptious!  I love sweets and when my grandson has had his fill, I offer to eat the rest.  He gladly gives it up since he’s lying on a corner booth bench howling with a stomach upset.

The server dumps the rest of the gelato into a styrofoam doggie cup and we pay up and leave.

We had such a good night out.  But, then I start thinking…..My son cooks that well….We could have crushed the ice with a hammer if we had wrapped some cubes in a cloth, we could have served ourselves and got the amount we wanted…..

Then, next month, same time, comes again and it’s another outing to the same, or another, restaurant.

I enjoy it….