Pizza Hut Pizza

Personally, a pizza without a great sauce is not a pizza at all. There are good store bought pizzas, and restaurant pizzas. These are my top 5 pizzas, because these pizzas have a great sauce, and are least expensive. I have to say, even though Little Caesars is often called the  McDonald’s of pizza, it is by far the best pizza for a cheap price, and to top it off, their hot and  ready is always done and ready to serve. I come home from work, and go through the drive thru, and I have an instant meal that is delicious and filling.

1. Little  Caesars

Little  Caesars is the most least expensive pizza around, and taste great, even if you order the $5 dollar hot and ready.

Their five dollar hot and ready is ready when you are, which is always convenient, and their sauce is great tasting with flavors of garlic, pepper, and I swear I’ve tasted a little cinnamon in it. They also serve  Italian  cheese bread, which isn’t exactly the best for your breath, but once you eat one, you can’t stop, and a box of them are only $3.99

Little  Caesar’s wings are very good, but small, and they cost $5.00 as well for like 5 or 6 of them.

Little  Caesar’s makes the best pizza in the world, because they’re cheap and delicious which is hard to find.

2. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza, and all the great experimental pizza’s they have came out with are delicious. I’ve tried their ultimate stuffed crust which is a stuffed crust pizza with toppings inside the crust. Their P-zones are great and only $5.00. The reason they are not number one, because they are not exactly the cheapest. and their bread sticks aren’t the best.

3. Rocky Tops

This is a huge made pizza that is cut into squares, and the toppings are  underneath the cheese. It’s very saucy, and it tastes so good, that you’ll find yourself eating more pieces than you usually do with another pizza. They are pretty cheap as well. Rocky Tops is a local pizza chain in West Virginia.

4. Evaroni’s Pizza

This is also a local pizza place in Kenova, WV. Do you remember the school pizza, the rectangular style pizza with the tasty small pepperonis? Evaroni’s is that kind of pizza, but in a classic circle and is huge in size.

5. Tombstone pizza

This is a frozen store bought pizza. When I want to go really cheap on a pizza and it is still decent tasting. I go with Tombstone, because their sauce is the best by far from any other store bought pizza. Their crust isn’t the best, but their classic pizza with pork and tiny pepperonis is delicious, and at $3.50, you can’t beat it.