Tips to Cut Calories when Dining out

Dining in a restaurant without blowing your diet is a problem faced by most dieters. While difficult, it is possible for diners to make healthy, low calorie selections when dining in restaurants. Here are some tips to cut calories when dining out.

Tips to cut calories when dining out: Order salad dressings on the side

Salads are usually a healthy, low calorie selection to make when dining out. Salad vegetables are high in vitamins and are an excellent source of dietary fiber. Surprisingly, salads are not always a good choice. Salads that are drenched in high fat salad dressings frequently contain an alarmingly high number of calories.

One way to lessen the calories from salads is to order the salad dressing on the side. You can still enjoy a salad dressing without wrecking your diet by dipping the end of your fork in the salad dressing before spearing the salad greens with your fork. You can achieve the flavor enhancement from the salad dressing while only consuming a fraction of the calories.

Tips to cut calories when dining out: Pass the bread bowl

Many restaurants bring diners a bowl of bread before their meal. The bread looks and smells wonderful and it can be very difficult to avoid overeating bread. To limit your calories from bread, limit yourself to a single small serving of bread and then move the bread bowl as far away from you as you can or, even better, ask your server to remove the bread bowl from your table. You should also limit the amount of butter or other toppings on your bread if you want to keep the calories down.

Tips to cut calories when dining out: Choose grilled over fried

Fried foods are generally higher in fat and calories than grilled foods. Whenever possible, choose grilled meats over fried meats. Your meal will be lower in fat and calories than it would be if it was fried. Additionally, grilling preserves and even enhances the natural flavor of the meat, while frying can hide the taste of the meat under coatings and the flavor of the cooking oil.

Tips to cut calories when dining out: Choose lower fat meats

Another good way to cut calories when dining out is to select lower fat meats such as chicken or fish over higher fat meats like beef. Chicken and fish tend to be lower in calories than beef due to the lower fat content. Additionally, seafood tends to be rich in omega 3 amino acids, which are known to have significant health benefits.

Tips to cut calories when dining out: Choose steamed vegetables

When it comes to calories, all vegetable dishes are not created equal. Try to avoid vegetables that are cooked in sauces or fat. Opt instead for steamed vegetables. Steaming preserves the natural flavor of the vegetables and does not add any additional calories to the vegetables.

Tips to cut calories when dining out: Ask for sauces to be served on the side

Sauces are frequently a hidden source of calories in restaurant meals. Whenever possible, request that your meal be cooked without the sauce. Instead, request that the sauce be served on the side for dipping. You can then choose use only the amount of sauce that you want with your meal. Ordering sauces on the side can result in significant calorie savings for you.

Dining out can prove to be challenging for weight conscious diners. Try using the strategies discussed above to reduce the number of calories in your restaurant meals.